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Research Briefing Notes


Research Programme Briefing Notes

The briefing notes listed below were created from the research studies funded under the National Children’s Research Programme, 2004-2010.

Childs Right to be heard in the healthcare setting - Briefing Note No. 1

Giving Children a Voice - Briefing Note No. 2

Child Impact Statements in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 3

Young Peoples Views on Recreation and Leisure - Briefing Note No. 4

Young People on Remand - Briefing Note No. 5

Childrens Research and Ethical Review - Briefing Note  No. 6

Parenting Styles and Discipline Childrens Perspective - Briefing Note  No. 7

Post Separation Parenting - Briefing Note No. 8

Young Carers - Briefing Note No. 9

Middle Childhood Study - Briefing Note  No. 10

Youth Homelessness Study - Briefing Note No. 11

Childrens Understanding of Wellbeing - Briefing Note No. 12

KIDSCREEN - Briefing Note No. 13

Health Research on Children in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 14

Parenting Styles and Discipline Parents Perspective - Briefing Note No. 15

Play and Technology - Briefing Note No. 16

Young People and Public Libraries in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 17

Service Users Perceptions of Irish Child Protection Services - Briefing Note No. 18

Children's Stories of Domestic Violence - Briefing Note No. 19

Second Level Student Councils - Briefing Note No. 20

Unequal at Birth - Briefing Note No. 21

Lives in Foster Care - Briefing Note No.22

Young People's Homeless and Housing Pathways:Key Findings from a 6-year qualitative longitudinal study - Briefing Note No. 23

Scholarship Briefing Notes

The briefing notes below were created from the completed MA and PhD studies supported under the Research Scholarship Programme, 2001-2011.  This list will be extended as further studies and briefing notes are completed. The titles shown are indicative of the content of the note and are not the full titles.

Implementation of Art 12 of the UNCRC - Briefing Note No. 1

Communications between children and health professionals - Briefing Note  No. 2

Evaluation of a Teen Parent Support Programme - Briefing Note No. 3

Experiences of unaccompanied minors living in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 4

Information worlds of ethnic minority adolescents in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 5

Children’s perspectives on their neighbourhood - Briefing Note No. 6

Youth Culture and the Mobile Phone - Briefing Note  No. 7

Children and Contact in the Private Family Law Setting - Briefing Note No. 8

Governing Young Citizens – Briefing Note No. 9

Qualitative Research with Children - Briefing Note  No. 10

The place of the outdoors in constructions of childhood - Briefing Note  No. 11

Using computers to promote creativity - Briefing Note  No. 12

Who am I -Children’s active and social selves - Briefing Note  No. 13

 A voice in sex education curriculum development - Briefing Note No. 14

Schooled Bodies – Complexities of embodied validation - Briefing Note No. 15

Child first Sibling second-experience of sibling chronic illness - Briefing Note No. 16

Mainstreaming deaf education in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 17

Resilience outcomes and foster care in Ireland - Briefing Note No. 18

Social relations between boys in migrant and dominant groups - Briefing Note No. 19

Where do I fit in here? An investigation of children’s experiences of transitions in early childhood care and education settings - Briefing Note No. 20

Working to Belong: Children in migrant families negotiating the relationship between home and school in primary schools in Ireland - Briefing Note 21

A post-structuralist analysis of Irish youth crime prevention policy, with a specific focus on Garda Youth Diversion Projects - Briefing Note 22

Cycle of Constraint: A study of perspective and practice of ability grouping for literacy and numeracy in DEIS primary schools in Ireland - Briefing Note 23

Information Behaviour of Social Workers: Needs, seeking, acquisition and use of information to support social work practice - Briefing Note 24

Exploring the Predictors of Socio-economic Variation in Child Overweight and Obesity in Ireland: A Sociological Analysis - Briefing Note 25

Growing up unequal; does the context matter? An examination of child and family inequality fro a cross-national perspective - Briefing Note 26

Reforming the Legal Framework for Clinical Trials with Neonates in Ireland; A Children's Rights Approach - Briefing Note 27

Spaces of Reproduction: How Teenagers Co-construct Post Industrial Soundscapes in Smithfield, Dublin - Briefing Note 28

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